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Firethorne Community Association

Inframark & MUD 151


MUD #151 provides limited water services to residents or businesses within the District. MUD #151 also engages in the supply of water, conservation, irrigation, drainage, firefighting, wastewater treatment, recreational facilities, and management of parks. MUDs are specifically prohibited from paying for swimming pools.

In the course of providing services, MUDs can incur debt, levy taxes, enter contracts, obtain easements, and condemn property. MUDs are governed by “directors”. The MUD Board is comprised of five (5) elected directors who reside in the District and serve 4-year terms. Elections are held in even years. Announcements for an election may appear in memos on the individual water bills. The Board of Directors is responsible for the business of the district, including those functions they have contracted to a general manager, operator, or other party. They also manage and control the financial management, employment, and purchasing needs of the district. Meetings are open to the public and are held the third Wednesday of each month at the office of the District’s attorney.

Questions regarding water service may be directed to the District’s Operator, Inframark at 281-579-4500.






Click here to access the MUD's website.



The name "Firethorne" is trademark protected and owned by JDC/ Firethorne, Ltd. It may not be used in any form or fashion without written permission from JDC/ Firethorne, Ltd. Any use of the name in name of groups and advertisements of any sort is unauthorized.

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