Firethorne Community Association

The Clubhouse at Firethorne



The address is 28800 South Firethorne Road, Katy, TX 77494


If you have a date in mind that you would like to use the building you can check its availability online at

Availability online does not guarantee actual availability, please double check with the HOA before sending out invitations or anything like that :)


Reservations can be made at the HOA office. Reservations are not finalized until the agreement and checks have been received by the HOA office. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis.


Capacity: 92 people with tables and chairs; 197 without tables. 

You will not be able to use all of the tables and stay in complaince with the fire marshal's total capacity.

The clubhouse is equipt with a full kitchen, restrooms, and a banquet room.

The clubhouse comes with (20) 60'' round tables, (6) 6' rectangle tables, and 150 banquet chairs.

Hours of operation are from 8:00 a.m.- midnight.

The Clubhouse may only be rented to residents for their sole use. May not be rented for friends who do not reside in Firethorne.  You will lose your deposit if you rent the Clubhouse for someone else.  The Clubhouse is to be used for social gatherings, meetings, birthday parties,  family reunions, wedding receptions, and so much more!

Fee Schedule:


Weekday rates: Monday through Thursday

Daily Use (8AM-Midnight):     $150 with an additional $100 cleaning fee

                                                    $700 refundable Security Deposit


More than 50 Guests:     Uniformed Officer(s) required

Alcohol Being Served:    Uniformed Officer(s) required


Weekend Rates: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Daily Use Options: Only "1" rental per day


  • (8AM-2PM):                   $150 with an additional $100 cleaning fee                        * More than 50 guests:    Uniformed Officer(s) required

                                               $700 refundable Security Deposit                                          Alcohol Being Served:   Uniformed Officer(s) required


  • (8AM -4PM)                   $250 with an additional $150 cleaning fee  

                                               $700 refundable Security Deposit

  • (4PM - MIDNIGHT)       $400 with an additional $200 cleaning fee

                                                $700 refundable Security Deposit

                                                Uniformed Officer(s) required during event


  • (8AM - MIDNIGHT)        $550 with an additional $200 cleaning fee

                                                $700 refundable Security Deposit

                                                Uniformed Officer(s) required during event


Uniformed Officer(s) have a 4 hr. minimum charge



Free Usage

In some scenarios the HOA will allow usage of the building or room for free on weekdays and weeknights.

Groups that use the building for free are still required to put down a $700 deposit.

One group/troop at a time can use the building/room. It shall be used for meetings only, not for public events or events with more than 30 people.


Groups may include but are not limited to: approved non-profit organizations or groups working on behalf of a non-profit, church groups (bible studies), Boy/ Girl Scouts, National Charity League, 4H, FFA, school project groups, recognized clubs or committees of the Association, events that are public for the entire neighborhood (neighborhood party or open invitation events for all residents), etc. If your organization is not on this list, please ask because this is not an all-encompassing list.



Waitlist Policy

Applicants may reserve a room for a reoccurring event for 3 months at a time. If another applicant would like the facility at the same time/day they may have their names entered on a waiting list. After the current applicant’s 3 month rental has elapsed, if there are other applicants on the waiting list they will be given the room in order of application date. If there is no waiting list the original applicant can continue to have the room and the procedure will be repeated.


The name "Firethorne" is trademark protected and owned by JDC/ Firethorne, Ltd. It may not be used in any form or fashion without written permission from JDC/ Firethorne, Ltd. Any use of the name in name of groups and advertisements of any sort is unauthorized.