Firethorne Community Association

Tennis Courts


1. Courts are to be used by residents of Firethorne and their guests only.

2. No children allowed on the courts unless they are playing tennis and accompanied by an adult.

3. Proper tennis shoes required. Non-marking shoes only.

4. Tennis courts are to be used for tennis ONLY. No bicycles, skates, skateboards, in-line skates, hockey, or other activities permitted.

5. No pets are allowed on courts.

6. If other residents are waiting to play, please limit your playing time to 90 minutes.

7. No glass containers, alcohol, or smoking allowed in the tennis court area.

8. Abusive language or radios will not be permitted.

9. Sitting, pushing, pulling, or other abuse on tennis nets is prohibited.

10. Climbing on, hitting, kicking balls into, or running into fences is prohibited.

11. While waiting for courts, please wait outside the gate.

12. No more than 4 players to a court.

13. Please dispose of trash in the receptacle.

14. Courts may be reserved for Firethorne Community programs.

15. From the Firethorne CAI- Enforcement: Any violation of the tennis court rules may result in denial of access to all amenities.




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