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Firethorne Community Association

Fort Bend County Sheriff


For the safety of our residents, Deputy Joe Hicks has been retained through the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office. His duties include citing speeding and illegally parked vehicles, responding to 911 calls within our community, and continuously patrolling the area in order to prevent crime.


If you should witness any of the following, please call the Sheriff's Office at 281-341-4665.

• General disregard for traffic laws (speeding, running stop signs, vehicles stopped in No Parking zones, etc.)

• Criminal mischief / Vandalism

• Suspicious activity

• Truancy violations

• Burglary or theft

To report traffic complaints directly to the Sheriff's Office via the internet, please click here.


Vacation Watch

Did you know the Sheriff’s Department will check on your home while you are out of town? If you register your address, Deputies will perform periodic checks of your residence to ensure everything is secure. Residents should submit the Vacation Form at least 48 hours before you plan on leaving.


All information provided is kept confidential.

Click here for the instructions on vacation watches.


Residential Alarm

Fort Bend County has an alarm ordinance requiring an alarm permit. The permit is $35.


Homeowners are charged a $75 fine for every false alarm after a Deputy has been sent to your home five (5) times in the same calendar year. In addition, you may also be charged the $75 fine if the Deputy feels the alarm was intentionally set and there was no emergency.


Residents must print out the application and mail it with the required $10 fee to the address specified on the form.


Questions should be directed to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department Alarm Unit at 281-341-4610 or visit their website by clicking here

The name "Firethorne" is trademark protected and owned by JDC/ Firethorne, Ltd. It may not be used in any form or fashion without written permission from JDC/ Firethorne, Ltd. Any use of the name in name of groups and advertisements of any sort is unauthorized.

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