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Firethorne Community Association



A. Garbage collection days are: Wednesday & Saturday with Saturday also recycling

B. All material must be available for collection beginning at 7:00 a.m. Collections may continue to 7:00 p.m. on your scheduled collection days.

C. BEST TRASH shall collect properly packaged Bags or Containers at the curb of each residence. Household garbage shall be contained in standard containers of less than 40 gallons capacity such as lightweight metal cans, plastic cans and/or study plastic garbage bags that are designed for use as residential garbage containers.

Bags must have sufficient wall strength to maintain physical integrity when lifted by the top.

All trash and garbage must be bagged if placed into waste receptacles larger than 40 gallons capacity.

Please note: A 65 gallon container is the largest receptacle collection crews are permitted to service as specified herein. Crews will remove only the bagged trash from these receptacles up to 65 gallons. Collection crews, for safety considerations, are instructed not to attempt to lift any receptacles larger than 40 gallons capacity.

All properly packaged garbage shall be clearly visible to BEST TRASH personnel upon approach to the driveway. Access shall be direct and unobstructed. BEST TRASH personnel shall not be permitted to enter any garage or enter any gated enclosure. All Containers or Bags shall weigh no more than forty pounds (40lbs) each when fully utilized.

D. Bagged yard waste material such as grass, leaves or bundles must not exceed forty pounds (40lbs) in weight. All branches and tree trimmings are restricted to diameters of no more than 3 inches (3 in.), cut into four foot (4 ft) lengths and securely tied into small bundles no larger than eighteen inches (18 in.) in diameter. Please flatten and bundle moving boxes. Collection shall be limited to a combination of ten (10) bags or bundles placed at the curb.

E. Up to two (2) items of bulky trash such as old furniture, appliances, Christmas trees or similar items will be collected on the second regularly scheduled pickup day of each week. Refrigerators contain CFC’s and this must be removed by a certified technician and be tagged as such prior to collection. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 281-368-8397 if you have a question, unusual item or multiple items for collection.

F. Residents shall not place restricted, hazardous, flammable or toxic waste such as, but not limited to; motor oil, gasoline, paint, batteries, garden or pool chemicals, smoke detectors, propane tanks, liquids, or tires out or into the trash. Large tree limbs, metal and similar items cannot be compacted or handled by our personnel. Additionally, material generated from construction, remodeling, carpeting or roofing materials are not considered as typical household garbage and rubbish. Consequently, they will not be collected.

G. If an observed holiday falls on your scheduled collection day, no service is provided that day. Your pickup will occur on the next scheduled collection day following the observed holiday. Observed holidays are:

New Years Memorial Day July 4th

Labor Day Thanksgiving Christmas

H. Construction, remodeling debris, carpeting or other non-hazardous items that are excluded from curbside collection may be appropriate for disposal at the Ford Bend County Landfill located at 16007 Boss Gaston Road. Please call 281-277-3277 to inquire about appropriate disposal options at this facility.




Acceptable Materials for Recycling

Acceptable Paper includes: Newspaper, Magazines, Catalogs, Junk Mail and Envelopes, Office Paper, Construction Paper, Colored Paper, Folders, Paper Bags, Phone Books, Holiday Cards and Greeting Cards.

Acceptable Cardboard includes: Corrugated Cardboard Boxes and Paperboard Boxes (cereal boxes, soda/beer boxes, shoe boxes, etc.)

Acceptable Containers include: Aluminum Cans, Tin Cans, Steel Cans, Glass Bottles, Glass Jars, Empty Aerosol Cans, Aluminum Foil, Plastics #1-#7 (milk, soda, water, juice, liquor, shampoo, detergent, pool supplies, pet food, etc.), Metal Pots and Pans, Copper, and Scrap Metal (nails, screws, gutters, etc.)

Unacceptable Recyclable Material includes: PLASTIC BAGS, Styrofoam, Pizza Boxes, Coat Hangers, Paint and Solvent Containers, Light Bulbs, Mirrors, Windows, Dishes and Cups, Wet or Soiled Paper, Paper Towels, Facial and Toilet Tissue, Disposable Plates and Cups, Milk and Juice Cartons (wax-board containers), and Wrapping Paper.




To request a recycling can free of charge, please call WCA at 281-368-8397.

The name "Firethorne" is trademark protected and owned by JDC/ Firethorne, Ltd. It may not be used in any form or fashion without written permission from JDC/ Firethorne, Ltd. Any use of the name in name of groups and advertisements of any sort is unauthorized.

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